Fall 2012 Architecture Studio | Building Intervention: Restaurant and Farmers Market
Previously exploring public space versus private space during our supper club, this intervention pushed for gradients of public and private areas. The restaurant has a daily cycle of three distinct episodes, a market hour, casual lunch, and formal supper. These separate events utilize overlapping space on the site yet depict formal and informal space.
The site was close to large community garden and next to the Triple Rock Social Club, a bar/music venue, which allures a large crowd from all neighborhoods in the Twin Cities. The restaurant would grow vegetables in the near garden to open a farmer's market and also use the ingredients.
When weaving with earlier, smaller projects, the intervention highlights elements of a weave. Weave literally means to interlace and unite. A gradient of informal and formal space will be fused together using a gradient patterns from weaving creates on the facade.
By wrapping the building with layers, light enters the room by way of several small openings. A gamut of transparency and opaqueness will lead guests from public to private.
The main entrance of the west side with be the most public area, first because it faces Cedar Avenue which is the busiest street in the Neighborhood. Second, the west facade will alter during the market time. Large doors on the west wall will pivot open creating passage into the first three platforms of the building.
Entry and Casual Dining
Passage to Formal Space
Formal Dining and Sunken Garden
Forma Dining
Facade Studies | Exterior Patterns
Visability to Interior
Sight Studies
Pivoting Doors
Looking out
Half Inch Model
West Facade